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The multi-site project includes the installation of various solar arrays on the rooftops of four different school locations spread across the district. The Mount Laurel solar project objective was to achieve the maximum offset of electrical demand for each school. Brightcore was able to optimize the solar array design and layout to offset each school’s electrical usage, creating a direct 95% reduction in the electrical utility charges.

​“Brightcore is very proud to have a successfully implemented this renewable energy project for the Mount Laurel School District”, said Mike Richter, president of Brightcore Energy. “Our teams worked closely together to execute the project ahead of schedule to deliver the district operating expense reduction for the next 25 years. Clean energy solutions can deliver both economic and sustainability impact.”

“Mount Laurel BoE is strongly committed to driving energy sustainability across our schools and our community. This 700kW project not only drives a 95% reduction in energy costs but also provides an opportunity to reinforce the importance of energy sustainability with our students and staff.”

Dr. George J. Rafferty, Superintendent of Schools


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