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With 15 buildings across five schools, the Chappaqua Central School District was spending too much money on inefficient lighting that resulted in high energy bills and required frequent maintenance. Interested in savings and improved lighting for its students and faculty, the district worked with Brightcore to retrofit all five schools with high quality, energy-efficient LED lighting.

  • Estimated useful life of 15+ years

  • Net energy costs savings of $2.2 million 

- 0.6 kwh Electricity savings

- 1204 MWh energy saved annually

- 192 Cars off road (equivalent carbon reduction)

- 31500 Annual maintenance saved (in dollars)

"Brightcore took the time to listen to our needs, visit all our schools to determine the right lighting for us. They have knowledgeable staff that gave us the product that worked best for us."

Joseph W. Gramando

Director of School Facilities, Operations & Maintenance, Chappaqua Central School District


We measure success by the results achieved by clients. Browse our client case studies to learn more about the dollars saved, GHG avoided, kWh saved, projects completed and more.

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