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Brightcore continues the execution of projects as part of a comprehensive energy sustainability strategy for the City of White Plains. So far, Brightcore has completed 9 projects that have delivered $100k in annual energy savings to the City of White Plains. The multi-phase project includes a complete lighting upgrade of many of the facilities operated by the City of White Plains. Recreational fields, ice rinks, sanitation/service garage and a number of firehouses have been completed as part of the initial project execution plan. The sustainability projects were launched in 2019 and are expected to continue their progression through 2022.

“Brightcore is very proud to have a strategic engagement with City of White Plains regarding their sustainability plan,” said Mike Richter, president of Brightcore Energy. “Our teams have worked closely together to prioritize facility opportunities to drive energy savings while dramatically increase lighting effectiveness across a wide range of applications.”

Brightcore Energy has completed the installation of over 1,200 lighting fixture replacements or upgrades. Some highlights of the current projects include a complete upgrade of Delfino Field, which involved replacing and repointing fixtures to significantly improve “dark spots” while saving a large amount of energy. In addition, costly annual maintenance of the existing lights will be eliminated by the new LED fixtures.

The firehouses have also been a major focus for the lighting improvements. Extremely old and ineffective lighting has been replaced by LED retrofits improving both light level and safety in the buildings. Improving the working environment of our first responders is an uplifting experience, for both the community and our local heroes.

“The City of White Plains is strongly committed to driving energy sustainability across our city government and community. Our partnership with Brightcore Energy has allowed our team to refine our plan and accelerate project execution to realize critical operational cost savings. Our anticipated energy and maintenance savings has reached $117k annually.”

Thomas Roach

Mayor, City of White Plains


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