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Our geothermal solutions help developers eliminate the use of fossil fuels to heat and cool buildings, reducing carbon emissions and helping to achieve sustainability goals and mandates.

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It is the most efficient HVAC solution with the lowest carbon footprint

Geothermal eliminates the use of fossil fuels in the heating and cooling of buildings. In cold climates, it is 3-4x more efficient than gas-fired systems. These two attributes greatly reduce carbon emissions.

Long Operational Life

The operational life for a geothermal ground loop exceeds 100 years and the heat pump is 25 years. This makes a geothermal system the best option for a long-term solution.

It can significantly lower operational expenses

Due to the efficiency improvements geothermal energy systems provide, HVAC operating costs can be lowered by 30%-40%.  Maintenance costs can also be reduced by up to 75%.

Carbon Neutral Ready

Local and federal mandates are requiring buildings to reduce their carbon emissions. Geothermal is a great solution to help meet sustainability mandates and goals.

Up to 40% Federal Investment Tax Credit

The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) includes up to a 40% Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) on both the geothermal ground loop system and the interior mechanical equipment. This credit is not available for air source heat pumps. Not for Profit 501(c) organizations are now eligible to receive cash in lieu of the tax credit under the ‘Direct Pay’ provision.

Available State and Utility Incentives

Many states and local utility companies also offer significant incentives for ground source heat pump systems. 



Cutting-edge technology:

Brightcore utilizes industry-leading technology in our development and construction process, allowing us to uniquely offer both conventional and confined space drilling.  We also provide long-term preventative maintenance and monitoring utilizing our own proprietary software. 

Smaller footprint: 

Utilizing proprietary drilling technology, boreholes are capable of being drilled at inclined angles, with a much smaller footprint at the top and larger footprint at the bottom. Because it uses water for drilling instead of compressed air, it allows for drilling in bedrock.

Fleet Diversity:

At Brightcore, we have both truck mounted drill rigs as well as custom mini-rigs in our fleet. That allows the capability to install a geothermal ground loop in new construction or open-space environments, as well as in existing buildings and areas with limited access. 

Having multiple rigs enables us to reduce project lead time by operating several rigs simultaneously.



Project Feasibility, Engineering, Drilling, Financing, Incentive Optimization, O&M

Turnkey Model

Reduces Risk, Streamlines Process, Lowers Cost, Shortens Schedule


Proprietary Water Hammer, Custom Mini-Rig, Incline Drilling, Electric Drilling, High-Performance Heat Exchangers, Thermal Demand Response

Enables Installation in Space-Constrained Areas, Optimizes Performance

Geothermal Assessments, Design, Policy, Incentives

Technical Expertise

Optimizes Project Design, Maximizes Savings

In-House Drilling

Company-Owned Rigs, Licensed Master Drillers, Fully Staffed Drill Teams

Optimizes Results and Accelerates Schedule

Energy as a Service

In-House Capital to Fund 100% of Project Cost

Eliminates Upfront Investment

Backed by Leading Sustainability Investor, Strong Bonding / Insurance Program

Financial Strength

Eliminates Risk

On-the-Ground Resources, Drilling Yards in NY & MA, Northeast Licensed Drillers, Strong Relationships with Local Utilities and State Energy Agencies

Local Presence

Optimizes Execution


Renewable heating and cooling projects designed by Brightcore team members.


Heat pumps move energy to efficiently heat or cool a space

In the winter the heat pump boosts the relatively warm ground temperature to heat the building.


In the summertime, the geothermal system rejects heat to the cool ground and uses the cool ground temperatures to operate at extremely high efficiencies.

For every unit of electricity used 4 units of energy comes from the ground in the form of renewable heat. This makes Geothermal systems up to 50% more efficient than conventional air conditioning.


In the winter the ground is a heat-source

In the summer the ground is a heat-sink

Closed loop geothermal heat exchanger

GSHP= Ground Source Heat Pump

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  • How can the NJ TRECs solar program fund your new roof replacement?
    The current NJ TREC Solar program can provide significant capital to completely offset roof replacement or repair costs. Many clients have been deterred from installing solar due to concerns regarding roof condition or warranty. That has changed. The robust TREC incentive of 15.2c per kWh provides significant leverage over a 20 year lease to deliver +$3M of capital in a typical 100k sq ft property. Solar also contributes to extend roof life by shielding the surface from the sun and the elements for new or existing roofs. Contact Brightcore Energy to quickly get to a layout and indicative economics for a rooftop or parking canopy solar solution. The current program lasts until 12/31/20 with complete construction by 11/20/21.
  • How can parking lots be transformed into income-producing solar carports with the NJ TRECs solar program?
    The current NJ TRECs solar program provides an incentive of 15.2c per kWh for both carport and rooftop applications. Solar carports in large parking lots can deliver significant energy production while also providing shade and protection from the elements for employees, customers, or attendees. At night, the under-canopy lighting provides additional security and safety. EV chargers can be added to provide convenience or additional revenue streams. Contact Brightcore Energy to discuss a potential PPA and indicative economics for a solar solution for rooftop or parking canopy. The current program lasts until 12/31/20 with complete construction by 11/20/21.



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