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Brightcore's Konstantin Braun Speaks at SEIA Finance & Tax Seminar

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

Brightcore Co-CEO Konstantin Braun joined a panel of industry leaders at the Solar Energy Industries Association's Finance and Tax Seminar in NYC (and virtual) on June 24.

Not quite residential, not quite utility-scale, C&I has remained a challenging and sometimes overlooked 'middle child' of the industry. The session, titled "Making Sense of C&I: Solar's Middle Child" discussed ways to ease financing complexity for C&I projects and unlock this market sector.

“The C&I segment of the solar market holds much promise for building owners and tenants, investors, and the environment. Complexity of the transactions has been a major impediment to the sector’s growth," Konstantin said. "Brightcore’s one stop shop energy-as-a-service approach streamlines project execution and delivers projects with certainty, on time and on budget.”

Konstantin was joined by Sunpower's Daniel Hoffiz, Engie's Camelia Miu, Duke Energy's Dan Smyth, CFA and Ryan Donnelly, of EDF Renewables.

The SEIA Finance & Tax Seminar connected hundreds of tax, finance, business, and legal leaders for an in-depth look at solar financing trends.