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Brightcore Energy Partners With the NHL® to Bring LED Lighting to Community Ice Rinks

Updated: Jan 18

Before becoming a leader in the sustainability arena, Brightcore Energy President Mike Richter had an illustrious career in professional ice hockey, including a prolific 15-year stint with the New York Rangers, where he was a three-time National Hockey League (NHL®) All-Star, a Stanley Cup® champion, and an Olympic medalist.

His passion for ice hockey began while playing in community rinks in his hometown of Flourtown, Pennsylvania. Those rinks were modest, with outdated lighting and old equipment. Richter noticed early on that the facilities weren’t maintained and didn’t operate as optimal and high-performance as the dedicated players within them.

When the opportunity arose for Brightcore Energy to partner with the NHL® to advance innovations that would positively impact community rinks, Richter jumped at the chance to participate in advancing the industry where his career began.

"Youth hockey is the life blood of the NHL® and an opportunity for thousands of kids to enjoy this wonderful sport,” he said. “One of the largest single expenses in rinks is energy costs. Lowering these costs lowers the barrier for young boys and girls to enjoy this game."

To achieve such savings, Brightcore Energy will work with Signify, an official NHL® partner, to bring energy-efficient LED and connected lighting solutions to community ice rinks across the country.

"The NHL® is committed to advancing sustainable business practices and reducing the environmental impact of all levels of hockey for future generations of players and fans," said Max Paulsen, Director, Business Development, NHL®. "Upgrading to LED and connected lighting is better for our planet - and offers a practical and cost-effective solution for rinks across North America.”

These lighting upgrades can help hockey rink owners reduce their energy use in their facility and lower their carbon footprint, while also delivering an enhanced experience for spec